IABC Tulsa Honors Top Communications Professionals


TULSA, Okla.March 6, 2015 The Tulsa chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC/Tulsa) recognized top local communications professionals on March 5, at the organization’s annual Bronze Quill Awards Ceremony. The event, attended by more than 100 local professionals, was held at the Tulsa Historical Society.

Scott Shepherd, vice president, ONE Gas transformation project, was named the 2015 Communicator of the year for his leadership in implementing a business transformation project at ONE Gas and his commitment to communicating effectively about change management.

Angela Byers, founder and principal of Byers Creative, received the John Hartman Professional of the Year award. Byers, who currently serves as president of IABC/Tulsa, was recognized by her peers as an outstanding leader, communications professional and community supporter.

The Leon Bolen Service Award, which honors an IABC member’s volunteerism and support of IABC’s organizational goals, was awarded to Cody Bromley of Enovation Controls, and Sara Pollard of Walmart.

The “Best of Show” Award, presented to the 2015 entry with the highest total score, was awarded to Michael McCulloh of ONE Gas.

In addition, 34 Bronze Quill awards were awarded to local communications professionals for exceptional work completed during 2014 and 2015.

Awards of Excellence were present to:

  • Becky Carver, Jason Wright and ONEOK Information Security, for: “12 Days of Security Sense”
  • City of Tulsa Communications Department, for “City of Tulsa Safety Transformation Project”
  • Jennifer Rector and the ONE Gas Communications Department for “Standing Up a New Company: Communications, Engagement and Trust”
  • Adam Paluka and Kelli Bruer of EMSA, for “Paramedic Response Time Change”
  • Adam Paluka, Kelli Bruer and Tina Wells of EMSA, for “CPR Education Program”
  • Steve Higgins, Liza Mata, Kelly Cook, Teri Dreyer and Chris Farmer of Williams, for “Connect, Williams’ Customer Magazine”
  • Adam Paluka, Kelli Bruer, Tina Wells and Chris Stevens of EMSA, for “Work at EMSA Week”
  • Kelli Bruer of EMSA, for “EMSA Banner Ads & Videos”
  • Marianne Sicking of ONE Gas, for “ONE Gas Distribution Company Facebook Pages”
  • Tim Landes and Jason Dobson of Cherokee Nation Businesses, for “Anadisgoi.com”
  • Keith Isbell and Steve Higgins of Williams, for “Geismar Update”
  • Kathy Murphy of ONEOK, for “2014 Annual Shareholder Meeting Video”
  • Amy Schiska-Lombard and Joyce Grippi of Walmart, for “Walmart Holiday Greeting Videos”
  • Pam Eaker, Jessica Neal, Trina Moore, Kyle Partridge, Cody Bromley and Ramon Cardiel of Enovation Controls, for “Murphy General Catalog 2015”
  • Anna Raybourn of ONEOK, for “ONEOK Investor Relations Monthly”
  • Tim Rucker of Byers Creative, for “Flintco Proposal for OU Stadium”
  • Brad Borror of ONEOK Partners, for “Lonesome Creek Plant Announcement News Conference”
  • D. Eureste, Megan Lewis and Anna Raybourn of ONEOK, for “ONEOK and ONEOK Partners Annual Investor Conference”
  • Michael McCulloh of ONE Gas, for “With ONE Gas Support, Group Reaches Out to Prevent Youth Violence”
  • Natasha Mitchell of ConocoPhillips, for “Global Expectations: Expatriate Assignments Expand Employees’ Operational Knowledge”
  • Janet Hardy, Phillips 66, for “Chance Meeting Leads IT Employees to Form a Band”

Awards of Merit were presented to:

  • Oral Roberts University Student Media, for “ORU Student Streaming Media Uses and Gratifications Study”
  • Leslie Agee, Linde Process Plants, for “Framing Communications”
  • Phillip Harris of Williams, for “One Williams Live”
  • Janet Hardy and Shannon Stephen of Pillips 66, for “Celebrate 66”
  • Ellen Devereux of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma, for “Be Covered Oklahoma”
  • Oral Roberts University, for “ORU Media/Advertising Degree Promotion”
  • Adam Paluka and Kelli Bruer of EMSA, for “EMSAcare Program Name Change”
  • D. Eureste, Megan Lewis and Anna Raybourn of ONEOK, for “ONEOK and ONEOK Partners Annual Investor Conference”
  • Megan Webb of ONE Gas, for “Investor Relations Monthly”
  • Brad Borror of ONEOK, for “ONEOK and ONEOK Partners 2013 Annual Reports”
  • Stephanie Higgins, Ashley Cleveland and Becky Carver of ONEOK, for “ONE in Responsibility – 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report”
  • Cherokee Nation Businesses, for “10th Anniversary of SQ 712 Passage”
  • Trina Moore of Enovation Controls, for “Tige’ Touch 2, 2015 Owner’s Manual”

Sponsors of the IABC/Tulsa 2015 Bronze Quill Awards included Walmart, ONEOK, Williams, Byers Creative, Miller Photography and Allegra.

Bronze Quill 2015


UPDATE: Final deadline extended. Please submit your entries before Jan. 26, 2015 at noon.

The IABC Bronze Quill Awards recognize outstanding employee communications, public relations, media relations, community relations, government affairs and marketing communication efforts.

The Tulsa Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators’ Bronze Quill Awards is open to all communicators – members and non-members alike – in the corporate, nonprofit, advertising, marketing and government sectors.

Submit your entry online at: www.awardsentry.org/tulsa


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IABC/Tulsa 2014 Bronze Quill Awards Moved to March 2015


In an effort to align with other IABC chapter and international awards programs, the IABC/Tulsa Board unanimously voted to postpone this year’s Bronze Quill Awards Program until March 2015.

In an email update earlier this month, Russell Grossman, vice chair of the IABC International Executive Board, announced new timing for IABC International’s Gold Quill Awards. In order to align with these changes, IABC/Tulsa will adjust the timing of our awards.

Award program alignment will allow for more consistent standards and programs across chapters, regions and internationally. It will also allow for assistance in judging entries and will make it easier for entrants to participate in every award program level if they choose.

The eligibility period for work submitted for the 2015 IABC/Tulsa Bronze Quill awards program will be expanded to accommodate work that would have been submitted for the 2014 awards program.

The IABC/Tulsa Board believes realignment is the right choice for our chapter. This will benefit chapter members and allow for a better overall awards program in Tulsa.

For more information on the realignment please visit the IABC/Tulsa website. If you have additional questions, please contact Megan Lewis or Lucia O’Connor, IABC/Tulsa Awards Co-Chairs, or visit our Bronze Quill FAQ page.

Watch your email for more information on the March Bronze Quill Awards. We look forward to many great entries in 2015!