Dear IABC Tulsa members,

As the reigning International Chapter of the Year and three-time Small Chapter of the Year winner, there are so many things going really well for our Tulsa chapter. However, one thing our members and guests consistently ask us to consider changing is the location for our monthly meetings. Well, ask and you shall receive!

After many years, lots of research and several “test drives,” the board of directors is excited to announce that we are moving to The Summit Club for the majority of our meetings for the remainder of 2013. If you were able to attend the meeting last month at The Summit Club, then you were a part of a group providing us with rave reviews. From the room to the acoustics to the food (oh, the glorious food!), you had hardly any comments to share that weren’t positive.

We believe switching to this new location is the right thing for our growing chapter that is attracting top-notch speakers from around the country. In order to make this change, we have to raise the prices of our monthly luncheons. Beginning in June, the cost for a member will be $25, with a $35 charge for non-members. This fee covers the professional development and networking sessions offered at each meeting, along with a gourmet-quality lunch.

Despite the slight increase, our monthly meeting prices remain very competitive with other professional organizations, and at the low end of pricing compared to other IABC chapters around the globe. We’re excited this change allows us meet the demands of our customers – you! – and offer a more sophisticated locale for our meetings.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at iabctulsa@gmail.com. Thanks as always for your support of our chapter.


Shannon Frederick, ABC
President, IABC Tulsa



By Shannon Frederick, ABC, IABC/Tulsa President

IABC/Tulsa’s Membership Co-Chair, Summer Austin, called a few weeks ago with some good news: our local chapter has reached a milestone with a roster that currently boasts 75 members.

Let me put that into perspective for you. Assuming we retain all of our current members and we add one more person, we’ll no longer qualify as a small chapter; we’ll be a medium-sized chapter.

This is great news, yes, and it forced me to do some deep thinking. In order for our chapter to add that one more golden member, we’re going to have to get out and recruit. What would make someone join IABC? Why did I join 13 years ago? Why do I stay a member? Here’s what I came up with:

  • Networking – Expanding my social network, as well as fostering the strong relationships I’ve already built, is the No. 1 reason that I joined IABC and choose to keep my membership current. There’s always someone in the IABC family who can offer advice on a work situation, job search, chapter business or just about life in general. It’s nice to know so many people who share my passion for this industry!
  • Accreditation – This won’t apply to all members (though I wish that it did), but those of us who have earned the distinction of Accredited Business Communicators must retain our membership. It’s simply part of the deal with nearly any professional organization that offers accreditation. No complaints here, though. Being an ABC has opened my eyes to a whole new crop of talented professionals within the profession – and you’ve already heard how much I like networking.
  • Professional development – When you’re at your desk all day, it’s hard to stay current on trends in the industry and find time to learn new skills. IABC/Tulsa offers some of the best professional development opportunities in the world. It’s true – remember we received an award for our PD efforts. And let’s not forget the conferences, distance learning opportunities and published materials that IABC affords to its members.
  • Mentoring – When I was first getting my toes wet as a professional communicator, it was through involvement in IABC that allowed me to build relationships with some amazing mentors. These seasoned professionals helped me to build my skills for work; fostered my passion for IABC and encouraged me to take on leadership roles at the chapter level; and one very important mentor (you know who you are) pushed me to prepare for the ABC exam. Wouldn’t you like someone to take an interest in your career and help you to be the best you can be?!

Do these thoughts resonate for you? If they don’t, and even if they do, please visit our Facebook page and tell us why you choose to be a member of IABC.

Then let’s all get to work recruiting member No. 76 and pushing our Small Chapter of the Year* to medium-sized!

*P.S. We were also the 2013 International Chapter of the Year…just in case you haven’t heard.


Shannon Frederick, ABC, IABC/Tulsa President

There are only a few moments in my life where I’ve truly been shocked:

  1. At age 15, after a brutal spill on my bicycle that resulted in some nasty injuries.
  2. The night my husband got down on one knee and popped the big question.
  3. A few weeks ago, when IABC/Tulsa not only received its third, back-to-back Small Chapter of the Year Award, but was also recognized as the International Chapter of the Year.

Now don’t you be shocked because, yes, you read that right: IABC Tulsa is the best IABC chapter in the whole wide world!

This is the first time in history that our chapter has received this distinction – and, it’s worth noting, this is a distinction that isn’t often given to smaller chapters.

The big reveal of our awards came during IABC’s annual Leadership Institute (LI) conference.  Each year during LI, IABC holds its Chapter Management Awards (CMAs) ceremony. For those who aren’t familiar, the CMAs recognize leadership abilities, management skills and creativity of chapter leaders around the globe.

Chapters can receive awards for their efforts in various areas, and those that exhibit the best work across the board are recognized with the Small Chapter (less than 75 members), Medium Chapter (76 to 200 members) and Large Chapter (201 or more members) of the Year Awards. From those winners, one chapter is selected as the International Chapter of the Year.

That’s us!

And the fun didn’t stop there. The Tulsa chapter was also recognized with Awards of Merit for our work in Leadership Development and Financial Management, and Awards of Excellence for Communications and Professional Development.

In other words, we cleaned up.

But back to the shock … IABC Tulsa was well represented at LI. Angela Byers, Ginger Homan, ABC, Rachel Wagner and I were all in attendance. With the four CMA awards and the Small Chapter of the Year designation, the four of us had spent a lot of time on the stage with IABC International leaders. Yet, when they called out “IABC Tulsa” for the big International Chapter of the Year award, I still couldn’t register what was happening. A few seconds had to pass before I could react with pure joy. Here’s a picture that captured the moment pretty well.

The fact of the matter is that I shouldn’t be shocked that we won. None of us should be shocked. There are amazing things going on with IABC Tulsa, and we’ve been doing lots of award-winning work for several years now.

It’s just nice to finally see the rest of the world recognizing us for what we already knew: that we are the best of the best.

Thanks for all you do to make this possible.


By Shannon Frederick, ABC, IABC/Tulsa President

There’s something refreshing about the start of a new year.

With calendar full of untouched months, you can work to change something in your life for the better.

Ironically, while many of us as individuals are likely full-swing into our new year, IABC also seems to be taking advantage of the clean slate of 2013.

If you’ve been reading your emails from International or following the IABC LinkedIn group, then you know that big changes are happening for our professional organization. Here are summaries of just a few:

  • In late November, World Headquarters restructured its staff. This change had been a point of discussion for much of 2012, as IABC had identified the need for different skill sets among its staff in order to deliver the promised new strategy. Still, this change sparked a lot of conversation in the world of social media – if you’ve been on LinkedIn, you’ve likely seen it. IABC did release an official statement, which can be found here: http://news.iabc.com/index.php?s=66&cat=56.
  • The Gold Quill program has had a makeover! It sounds like members are excited about better judging, less restrictive work plans and better use of technology. My hope is that in 2013, we will see at least one member – hopefully more – from Tulsa win a Gold Quill. We had so much success from our Bronze Quill program, which proved that we have the highest caliber of talent right here, that our winners should take the time to consider entering Gold Quill. Find out more here: https://gq.iabc.com/info/
  • IABC seems to be making progress on its work to change the ABC (Accredited Business Communicator) certification/accreditation program. At the beginning of January, all current ABCs received an email outlining the proposed new direction of the program, which includes a two-tier process. (Of course, Ginger Homan, ABC, already knew about the proposal because we’re lucky to have one of our local members serving on IABC’s Accreditation Board.) While IABC hasn’t yet widely released a lot of detail about the proposal, it is another hot topic of discussion in social media. Once decisions appear to be formally made, I promise to share more information either in this newsletter or via another chapter channel. If there’s interest before that time, we could ask Ginger to give a download at an upcoming meeting. Let us know by emailing iabctulsa@gmail.com.

When you take a step back and look at all of these changes as a whole, it’s really exciting to know we belong to an organization that is focused on the future – and being the best it can be for our profession. And, of course, we try to mirror that here in Tulsa. If the past is any indicator, 2013 will be yet another successful year for this amazing small chapter.

With each of you in our corner, I’m sure it will be.