July 2014 Newsletter

President’s Column

By Angela Byers, IABC Tulsa President

Hello fellow IABC communicators,

While at IABC International Conference this June, I attended a session called, “Implementing the Global StandardSM of the Communication Profession into the Every Day.” I chose this session out of curiosity, as I wasn’t aware of any standards in our industry. I found the session enlightening, and wanted to share the information with you.

If you are an internal communications professional, and wondered what career track you might follow, you’ll be pleased to know IABC has developed standards in your industry, including Career Paths of the Communication Professional.

Your career path will more than likely fall into one of these 4 areas:


This is the entry level of the profession. At this level the communication professional attains the education and develops the core skills required to be competent within all Principles of the Global Standard and to work across disciplines.

Foundational skills are required to do the job and understand the organization’s culture, structure and function.

At this milestone the professional is expected to contribute under relatively close supervision and direction from a more senior person, and is expected to exercise initiative and creativity within a well-defined area. They must master basic and routine communication tasks, and demonstrate competence on a portion of a larger communication project or task.


At this level the communication professional branches into a role with either a specific or a generalist focus, where work experience provides opportunities for a more strategic and problem-solving approach. The communication professional will apply a deeper understanding and practice of the Principles.

Here, the communication professional begins to refine their career choices. They can be satisfied as a generalist or specialist for a number of years or for a whole career, but expertise and responsibility will continue to grow. Some professionals never need or want to move away from this milestone, thriving on interdependent work. They will build expertise in at least one area of the industry. They will develop credibility and a reputation while building strong internal networks of relationships related on their area of expertise and gain greater ability to develop strategic focus and problem solving techniques.

Strategic Advisor

Maturing as a communication professional though consistent application of the Principles, at this milestone they are expanding expertise and innovation. The communication professional assumes increased responsibilities, including resource management.

They are interdependent, taking responsibility for work other than their own and developing others within the organization. To accommodate their personal development needs, they seek to build additional areas of expertise. They have strong interpersonal skills, broad business perspectives, stimulate others through ideas and knowledge, and effectively represent the organization’s clients and external groups. They have expanded their expertise in niche disciplines and explored innovations within these disciplines. They are highly skilled and confident, providing strategic communication advice and counsel to the organization’s leadership.

Business Leader

The communication professional at this milestone demonstrates the ability to serve at a senior peer level, leads within an organization by providing counsel, and helps to set organizational direction at a strategic level. They set a standard for application of the Principles.
As business leader, they play a key role in shaping the future of the organization by sponsoring promising people, programs and ideas. At this milestone they have developed a distinct competence in several areas of expertise and often have a regional or national reputation. The professional influences the future of the organization though original concepts that often lead to changing the way business is done. They are adept at seeing new business opportunities, motivating buy-in and gaining resources. They competently represent the organization on critical strategic issues, and are sought after to provide counsel and function at a peer level with other senior executives.

There are also The Six Principles of the Communication Profession, including ethics, consistency, context, analysis, strategy, engagement.

These are guidelines that every communications professional can follow, and the career paths are a great roadmap for an employee or hiring manager.

These roles are vital to every organization as you are the voice of your company, and often the voice of your leadership – always guiding in strategy and vision.

I’ll make this reference guide available on our website – download here.

Best to you in your communications career endeavors,
- Angela Byers
IABC Tulsa President

July Meeting

Register TODAY to hear Nicole Burgin detail how Tulsa Community College recovered after an electrical fire last year.

The Night the Lights Went Out in Tulsa (Community College)

On the evening of June 17, 2013, Tulsa Community College’s Metro Campus was evacuated due to a fire in the electrical system that supplies power to its cluster of buildings. Summer classes were underway; smoke permeated its three buildings; the sprinkler system provided the added effect of water damage; and the resulting power outage impacted the college’s campus wide information technology system.

TCC immediately implemented its emergency operations plan and the communications team went into crisis management mode. In the hours, days and weeks that followed, TCC had to share accurate, timely information about the unfolding events with 4,000 students, faculty and staff, as well as the general public.

Join us Wednesday, July 16, as Nicole Burgin provides an inside look at the communications challenges TCC faced and how it managed the process successfully to a re-opening of the campus just five short weeks later. She’ll share lessons learned that she guarantees every communications professional can benefit from – regardless of the industry in which you work.

All About Nicole

Nicole Burgin became the media relations specialist for Tulsa Community College in September 2012 after a 19-year career in broadcast journalism. She handles all media inquiries for the college and works with reporters from local and national media outlets to help tell TCC’s story. Nicole’s received a Grand Award from the Oklahoma College Public Relations Association for news writing and received numerous awards from the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters and Associated Press for her work as a journalist.

Register today!

IABC/Tulsa will not host an August Professional Development meeting but instead we are co-sponsoring Cynthia Cooper, Worldcom whistleblower and CEO of The Cooper Group, along with OK Ethics on Wednesday, August 20. Get the details here.

IABC/Tulsa Now Accepting Credit Cards

You see the stickers everywhere…clothing boutiques, food trucks and other small businesses. Now you will see the same advertisement at IABC/Tulsa meetings because we are now accepting all major credit cards with Square.

Grab your card and scoot out of the door Wednesday for our next Professional Development meeting. This time, you wont have to double and triple check that you have that check from Accounts Payable or the check book you stopped carrying years ago. In fact, never go through that process again! We are making it easier to attend events by using the secure and well-known service.

Register for our September PD meeting (remember, IABC/Tulsa is not hosting an August meeting) with the pay in person option.  Liza Mata, IABC VP of finance; JoAnn Bartlett, IABC VP of hospitality; or other board members will be able to accept your card on the spot.

We look forward to seeing you Wednesday!

Embracing Big Data

Few topics have created as much buzz recently as big data.

As a marketing professional, are you confident in your understanding of the communication implications of big data? Have you clearly defined your role in advising clients and executives on how to use data responsibly?

If you haven’t been paying attention, now’s the time—before armies of data analysts, statisticians and software vendors lock the doors to the C-suite boardroom behind them.

In case you have missed the major selling point of big data, to executives it spells big profits. According to a KPMG study last August, almost two-thirds of CFOs and CIOs in the Americas admitted they had changed their business strategy because of big data and analytics. The results were nearly the same in Asia/Pacific


Job Line – Local and International

Looking for local, regional or international career opportunities? Have an open position and looking for a talented professional to fill it?

IABC Tulsa and IABC International both have career listings available.

The IABC Job Center is the definitive career resource for the communication profession, serving job seekers and employers in all industries and communication functions.


Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you for attending this year’s event!

Nancy Day, executive director of the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice (OCCJ), was named the 2012 Communicator of the Year for her leadership in communication events that have made a real impact in the Tulsa community. In the past year, Day has helped to lead significant events, such as Tulsa Unites, Bully and the National Federation of Just Communities Annual Conference.

Tom Droege, account supervisor, of Rex PR, received the John Hartman Professional of the Year award. Droege was recognized for his peers as an outstanding communications professional, journalist and community adversary.

Rachel Payne-Wagner, of Walmart, and Phillip Harris, of Williams, were both awarded the Leon Bolen Service Award, which honors an IABC member for volunteerism and support of the chapter’s goals.

A list of individuals also honored for their work during the event is below.

Awards of Excellence

• Charlene Bassett, ONEOK, ONEOK Quarterly Magazine
• Tom Droege, Rex PR, The University of Tulsa Master of Energy Business Brochure
• Nicole Morgan, Rex PR, Ovarian Cancer Awareness
• Kari Culp, Schnake Turnbo Frank PR, Helping Kids Get Smart About Their Health
• Schnake Turnbo Frank PR and Hinkle Creative Services, Nothing Checking
• Jessica Carthen, Ramon Cardiel, and Kyle Vandale, FW Murphy, ‘Total Engine Integration’ EICS Product Brochure
• Juliane Spinuzzi, Ramon Cardiel, Jessica Carthen, and Pat Runnels, FW Murphy, ‘FW Murphy New Solutions Trailer’ 2012 Gas Compressor Association Conference Debut
• Shannon Frederick, Walmart, and Ginger Homan, Zia Strategy, A Story About Me
• Russell Shaffer, Walmart, “Christmas Layaway Returns for Toys and Electronics” blog
• Jarrod Kopp and Susan Hardy Brooks, Schnake Turnbo Frank PR, OK Pop Museum
• Williams and WPX Energy Internal Communications Team, The Spinoff of WPX Energy
• Melissa Clark, Clark Communications, Keep the Drive Alive – Honoring Michael P. Johnson
• Melissa Clark and Steve Turnbo, Tulsa PRSA Chapter, PRSA’s APR Recognition Dinner
• Tamara Hooks and Melissa Clark, WPX Energy, Xsite – the WPX intranet
• Tim Rucker, Byers Creative, Raymond James Rebranding

Awards of Merit

• Nicole Nascenzi, Amethyst Cavallaro, and Keith Isbell, Employee Update with Williams President and CEO Alan Armstrong
• Ward Mankin, T.D.Williamson, “Who We Are”
• Rachel Payne Wagner, Walmart, Developing our talent globally
• Brad Borror, ONEOK, ONEOK and ONEOK Partners 2011 Annual Reports and Bakken Pipeline Media Outreach
• Charlene Bassett and Rick Ayre, ONEOK, and Russell Kaufmann, Trick Dog Design, ONEOK Quarterly Design
• Megan Lewis, ONEOK, Vision Driving Progress – ONEOK Corporate Responsibility Report
• Jennifer Pigeon, ONEOK, ONEOK Implements Facebook Timeline
• Tom Droege, Rex PR, Firstar Bank Rebranding
• Nicole Longmore, ONEOK, NAPTP Investor Conference Presentation and Investor Relations Monthly
• Janet Hardy, Phillips 66, Aviation: Achieving higher altitudes of service
• Blake Loepp, Schnake Turnbo Frank PR, Coalition of Advocates for Respnsible Eldercare (CARE) RV Tour
• Russ Florence and Lucinda Rojas Ross, Schnake Turnbo Frank, Lafarge Tulsa Cement Plant – Fuel Quality Waste
• Donna Swaffar, Saint Francis Health System, Kohl’s Fun and Fit Kids
• Jessica Carthen and Ramon Cardiel, FW Murphy, ‘All Applications. All Environments.’
• Keith Isbell, Williams, The Need is Real: 2011 Williams’ Tulsa Area United Way Campaign
• Michael McCulloh, ONEOK, An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure and ONEOK Today
• Sara Delgado, Williams, Williams Midstream Customer Newsletter
• Steve Higgins, OCCJ, Tulsa Unites
• Steve Higgins, Williams, Gulfstar: Offshore Reliability, Made in America
• Nicole Nascenzi, Williams, www.williams.com
• Talia E. Myres and Brian Yazzie, Cherokee Nation Businesses, Cherokee Nation 2012 Government Relations
• Talia E. Myres & Stephanie Pinkston, Cherokee Nation Businesses, Where the Casino Money Goes
• WPX Energy, MODA and Byers Creative, E&PWAY Intranet Redesign
• The Branding Team for WPX Energy/Williams and WPX Energy, WPX Energy Brand Launch
• Sharon Price, Cherokee Nation Businesses, CNB-Cherokee Heritage Center Employee Membership Campaign, Elders & Kids and CNB Benefits Campaign
• Joshua Smith; Cherokee Nation Businesses, Cherokee
• Joshua Smith and Jessica Land, Cherokee Nation Businesses, Cherokee Heritage Center Giving Campaign and Inside Look
• Tim Rucker, Byers Creative, Baylor/Flintco
• Shawna Berger, Walmart, “12 Days of Giving”


Turn your Mundane Memos into Creative Communications
Peter Seronick, Emerson College
Wednesday, November 14, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
OSU-Tulsa, Room 140
700 Greenwood, Tulsa

RSVP Today!

Do you often feel there is an overload of “stuff” in your communications to the point where the message is lost as well as your target audience? Believe it or not, simplicity and creativity in content and design helps one improve the communications. Learn some common sense secrets from a 40-year veteran of advertising and marketing on how to cut through the clutter and rise above the confusion.

Peter Seronick has spent the last 38 years in advertising and is currently Director of Right Brain Thinking (Creative Director) at North Star Marketing in RI. I am also a part-time instructor at Emerson College in Boston.

Read more about Peter’s career.


It is that time of year when IABC opens up nominations for its International Executive Board, whose members also serve as the Board of Trustees for the IABC Foundation. Nominations are open to any member of IABC who would like to take an active leadership role in steering not only IABC but the profession as a whole into the future. If you would like to be considered for a role on the 2013/14 International Executive Board/Board of Trustees, details and the nominations packet are available on the IABC web site. The term of appointment for directors is three years and requires a commitment to actively drive IABCs strategic direction and oversee its global strategy.

Membership on the Board is completely voluntary and the position description is listed in the nominations packet. Nominations close November, 16, 2012, so please take the time to review yourself against the criteria for selection and consider this important yet very rewarding role.